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General Rules & Regulations


  • The user should be responsible for the book/material borrowed from the Library. Therefore, the borrower is requested to examine the book/material carefully for damages before borrowing. If any damage was found the borrower should inform it to a Library staff member and arrange he/she make note of it
  • The borrower should produce his/her student identity card/staff identity card when the Library officials request for
  • User should keep silence inside the Library and abstain from actions, which disturb other users
  • Reservation of seats is not allowed
  • Taking food and smoking inside the Library are not allowed
  • Users should not carry bags, cellular phones, private books, printed notes, file covers and other outside materials into the Library without permission from the Library staff
  • Entrance and exit should be done through the main door of the Library
  • An alarm bell is rung before 05 minutes to close the Library . Users should exit from the Library when alarm bell rings
  • Equipment such as telephone, photocopier, computers, etc. of the Library should not be used by users without permission from the Library staff
  • Library staff is authorized to examine materials taken into the Library and taken out from the Library. Therefore, users should help the staff on this matter by letting them to search the notes belongs to the user
  • Users should not take visitors/outsiders to the Library without permission from the Librarian/Library staff
  • Users should protect resources, materials and equipments that belong to the Library

Staff of the Library is always prepared to help users. Therefore, do not hesitate to request for the assistance from the staff for your information seeking activities.