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According to National Archives Act No. 48 of 1973 and its subsequent amendments, every publisher is obliged to provide free of charge 5 copies of their publications made within Sri Lanka to the National Archives of Sri Lanka in order to maintain the national cultural heritage. The collection of publications provided in this way is known as the "Legal Deposit Collection".


Of the five copies obtained in this way, the National Archives of Sri Lanka archives one and distributes the balance four among four other organizations as follows, that maintaining such legal deposits in Sri Lanka:

01. The National Archives of Sri Lank
02. The National Library of Sri Lanka
03. The National Museum of Sri Lanka
04. The Main Library, University of Peradeniya
05. The Main Library, University of Ruhuna


Such a mammoth collection adds to a library not only property value but also uniqueness.

The Legal Deposit Collection consisting of a copy of any publication made in the country (since 1990) including books, newspapers, journals, magazines, handbooks, annual reports, pamphlets, government publications such as  gazettes, Hansards, acts and school textbooks, proceedings, posters etc. written in various languages.