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Mr. Ananda Karunaratne

University of Ruhuna
Legal Deposit collection: a  great opportunity for users


It is our pride that the University of Ruhuna Main Library is from now on a Legal Deposit Library in Sri Lanka.

‘Legal Deposit‘ is an archival regulation enacted by National Archive Act No. 48 of 1973 that all publishers and printers of Sri Lanka have to send five copies of each publication they published/printed to the National Archive of Sri Lanka. The objective of this regulation is to conserve and preserve the national intellectual heritage of Sri Lanka.

Under this scheme the University of Ruhuna Main Library receives one of those five copies from the National Archive (since 2013) and maintains a Legal Deposit Collection in the library. The collection that at present includes 160000 publications made in Sri Lanka since 1990 will get annually enhanced by an addition of approximately 5000 new publications. It is well organized with online searching facilities and users can search the collection from anywhere in the world through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) maintained by the library.  It is an honour for the University of Ruhuna to be able to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the national heritage of intellectual property while accumulating and facilitating free access to a comprehensive collection of resources in the country. The collection covers an exhaustive range of publications made in Sri Lanka. This resource collection will be beneficial not only to the university community but also to all those who seek knowledge. We wish you would all feel free to utilize the resources in the Legal Deposit Collection.