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The University of Ruhuna

Medical Faculty Library

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Library Organization and Collection

The Medical Library is located on the first and second floors of the Administration Building. Main counter is at the main entrance and the cloak room is in front of the main entrance for the library users to keep their bags and belongings that are not allowed to ring into the library.

Available Collection is :

Books     |     Periodicals     |     Special Collections     



Book Books ( Text books and other reading books)
The library contains approximately 18,000 medical books. The majority of text books are multiple copies. Mainly the library collection (books) is divided into four (4) major categories.

  • Permanent Reference Books:

This category includes Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Color atlases and other reference materials and they are not to be taken away. These books are labeled Red "R" on the spine.

Note: These books are not to be taken away and are meant to be use within the library. In special cases, Heads of Departments are allowed to borrow these books for limited time period under the approval of the Senior Assistant Librarian of the faculty.

  • Staff Reference Books:

These books are labeled Red "S" and Red "R" on the spine of the book. These books can be borrowed by the academic members of the faculty only.

  • Overnight Reference Books:

These books are labeled Blue "R" on the spine of the book. These are available for overnight reference by the students only.

  • Lending Books:

All other books that do not come under any of the above sections are available for students to borrow on loan basis for one week.


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Periodicals section is organized in the second floor and it comprises periodicals of about 70 titles (printed versions), which are organized in English alphabetical order.

Current periodicals are left on display racks for one month and will not be issued within one month of arrival. The bound of back issues of periodicals are in the stacks. Access to the e-journals also available through the online public access catalogue (MediOPAC) mainly under the PERI (Programme for Enhancement of Research Information) scheme.

Periodicals can only be borrowed by the permanent academic staff only.


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Special CollectionSpecial Collections

  • World Health Organization (WHO) colection

This collection comprises WHO publications and it has been organized in front of the periodicals section on the second floor. These publications can only be borrowed by permanent academic staff.

  • Ceylon Collection

Library Ceylon collection is organized in a room in the first floor of the library. It includes:

          Books, Periodicals and News Letters published in or related to Sri Lanka.

          Past papers of all academic years in the Medical Faculty.

          Dissertations/Thesis of Academic staff and students etc.

Books in this section are available only for reference in this room.

  • Professor Daral Wijerattne Collection

It includes the book collection donated by Professor Daral Wijerattne and books in this section are available only for reference in the library.

  • Audio-Visual Collection

It includes medical video cassettes, slides and some audio cassettes.


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