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The University of Ruhuna

Medical Faculty Library

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Library Discipline

  • Silence should be observed in all parts of the library
  • Smoking and consumption of food or drink are forbidden in the library
  • Brief/attache-cases, private medical books, files, umbrellas, etc are not allowed to taken into the library and hand phones should be switched off in the library
  • Marker pens should not be taken to any part of the library. No books or other material of the library may be marked by the users
  • Readers and particularly requested to conduct themselves with decorum and to avoid from any action that could embarass or disturb other users of the library. e.g. Placing feet on the tables and arms of chairs etc.
  • Readers must always carry their identification cards or record books and produce them for inspection, if required
  • Library staff is authorizwd to examine materials taken out from the library. The users should help the staff on thi matter
  • Users should not tale outside visitors to the library without a prior permission from the senior assistant librarian/medical
  • The senior assistant librarian will report to the Dean any person whose conduct in the library is disorderly and pending the Dean's decision, such a person will be excluded from all further use of the library