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  • 1 Vision
    To be an internationally recognized academic library that caters to teaching, learning and research
  • 2 Mission
    To provide the information services of highest quality through effective management of resources, using skills and technology innovatively for teaching, learning and research at University of Ruhuna
  • 3 Academic Sessions and Vice Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony of University of Ruhuna
    The 14th Academic Sessions and 13th Vice Chancellor’s Awards Ceremony of University of Ruhuna is planned to be held on 1st March 2017 at Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna
  • 4 Call for Research Articles – Rohana Research Journal - University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka
    Articles are accepted for the ‘ROHANA’- the research journal of University of Ruhuna. ‘ROHANA’ is a multidisciplinary refereed journal devoted to publish high quality research articles related to Applied & Natural Sciences, Management & Social Sciences, and Medical Sciences. The guidelines for submission are available at the Journal Website. (http://www.lib.ruh.ac.lk/rohana/).
  • 5 National Conference of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka
    The NACULA 2017 will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka organized by the University Librarians Association, on the day of 01.06.2017 (http://www.slula.org/index.php/nacula-2017)

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  • Park Blog

    Here is where I will blog all about the parks of Australia.

    You can make a blog on your website by creating a category to write your blog posts in (this one is called Park Blog). Each blog post will be an article in that category. If you make a category blog menu link with 1 column it will look like this page, if you display the category description then this part is displayed.

    To enhance your blog you may want to add extensions for comments, interacting with social network sitestagging, and keeping in contact with your readers. You can also enable the syndication that is included in Joomla (in the Integration Options set Show Feed Link to Show and make sure to display the syndication module on the page).

  • Photo Gallery

    These are my photos from parks I have visited (I didn't take them, they are all from Wikimedia Commons).

    This shows you how to make a simple image gallery using articles in com_content.

    In each article put a thumbnail image before a "readmore" and the full size image after it. Set the article to Show Intro Text: Hide.

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