Legal Deposit Collection

Legal Deposit Collection is located in the second floor of the Library. Legal Deposit Collection is the latest collection in Main Library., University of Ruhuna. The University of Ruhuna has become fortunate to join the group of institutes in Sri Lanka that have been maintaining legal deposit collections since 2013. This collection consisted of all the publications published within Sri Lanka since 1990. Currently, this valuable collection consisting of about 200,000 items including books, newspapers, journals, magazines, handbooks, annual reports, pamphlets, government publications such as gazettes, hansards, acts and school text books, proceedings, posters etc. written in various languages. These items are stored under preservative conditions and only available for reference within the collection. This collection is opened from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on weekdays.

Library Handbook

The Library Handbook made available for students is of vital importance to your education here at University of Ruhuna! STake time to read it from beginning to end. You'll find that it will save you time as you use Library. Moreover, it will make you a better student and will also aid you in becoming more diligent in your study.


Please use this online reference service to request information normally available from our physical Library Help Desk such as subject enquiries, access to resources, borrowing enquiries etc.

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