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Articles are accepted for the issue No. 14 of ‘ROHANA’- the research journal of University of Ruhuna. ‘ROHANA’ is a multidisciplinary refereed journal devoted to publish high quality research articles related to Applied & Natural Sciences, Management & Social Sciences, and Medical Sciences. Since its commencement in 1985, ‘ROHANA’ has published 13 issues up to now and the forthcoming issue is No.14.  Articles are accepted through the year. Yet, the scheduled deadlines to submit contributions for the journal are the 31st August and 31st January.
Articles related to Applied & Natural Sciences, and Medical Sciences, should be in English while the articles under Management & Social Sciences should be either in English or in Sinhala. ‘ROHANA’ is a forum for researchers and scholars to obtain a global access and enhance research impact for their work.
All are welcome.

More details of the journal and submission guidelines can be obtained here.


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